Madeline Symonds Middle School

Breakfast Program Farm Box Fundraiser

Breakfast Program Farm Box Fundraiser

Contact Mrs K Binder : or phone MSMS at (902)832-2300

Our school is once again taking part in a farm box fundraiser to support the breakfast program at MSMS.
You can support this program and local farmers by selling/buying boxes of fresh produce from Humble Hippy. This fundraiser supports our breakfast program, local farmers and a local business.

Selling for $30, each farm box will include a variety of farm-fresh, local pesticide free grown vegetables. All the veggies needed for Thanksgiving dinner.

The box will include:
Premium Potatoes (5lbs)
Turnip (2-3lbs)
Carrots (2lbs)
Onions (2lbs)
Buttercup Squash
Cranberries (12oz.)

There are some add on options (biscuits, jams, apples, pies, etc…) available for purchase at pickup with a percentage going towards our breakfast program.  

If you are not around for Thanksgiving and would like to support our fundraiser, you can purchase a box and donate to a local family in need. I am very proud to say we donated over 30 boxes to families in need last year.

All orders/money must be returned to the school by Wednesday Sept 25th (can be passed in during Curriculum night as well) 

For our school the farm box pick-up will take place at the Humble Hippy (On Hammonds Plains Road- Next to the Irving) during store hours between  October 11th-12th.

Once orders and money are returned to school each student will be given an individual card to be given to the customer as a receipt. This card will be needed to pick up their boxes during the designated times.  

Farm box order forms